2019-20 RATES



(Registration fee is non-refundable)


Three's Program: 2 days a week  $145 month
Pre-K Program: 3 days a week    $190 month


Registration fee is due upon registration and is non-refundable.  Tuition payments are due on or before the first of the month. First tuition payment will be due on September 1. 


  • Monthly tuition is an average of all the school days for the entire nine months, September-May. It takes into consideration school holidays, one school in-service day, school closures due to inclement weather and emergencies, and our start and finish dates.

  • We are flexible!! If you need to arrange payment on a different day of the month or if your payment will be late just call us before the 5th and we can waive the $20 late fee.

  • A 30-day delinquency shall constitute grounds for dropping the child from class pending review. There are no tuition refunds if you are dropped from the program due to non-payment.

  • Discount is offered for:

  • More than one child enrolled (10% discount on combined tuition). There is no discount on registration fee.

  • There are no discounts for tuition paid in full

  • Tuition payments are accepted online only with e-check or credit/debit card using PushPay.

  • Automatic withdrawal from your account can be set up through online payment.   

  • We do not accept cash


  • A $20 late is fee is assessed to accounts past due after the 5th of the month.  We can waive the late fee if you contact us before the 5th to make late payment arrangements. 

  • A $10 fee is assessed for each check or scheduled auto withdrawal that is returned for insufficient funds (NSF)


Registration fee is not refundable. 

Tuition must be paid even if your child is absent from class for an extended period of time due to illness or vacations. If you need to withdraw from the preschool we require at least two weeks notice by calling us, notifying your child’s teacher, or e-mailing us at Any child absent for more than two weeks without notifying or contacting the preschool will be dropped from enrollment. There are no tuition refunds.

To inquire about availability of assistance, please call the Director at 206.949.9045..

Enrolled students who do not receive their desired class placement can be placed on our in-house wait list and will receive priority over those on the wait list who are not currently enrolled. When a class has an opening we will contact everyone on the wait list in order of priority (taking into consideration a balanced classroom) until the spot is filled. 

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